We are the Reseller for the following companies:

Thales e-Security
Subsidiary of Thales International of France, a world-class manufacturer of security solutions for electronic payments and transactions in business and government. Thales e-Security provides solutions for three core market areas:
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  • Card Payments
    Security for Magnetic-Stripe Payment Cards for ATM/EFTPOS applications and Smart Card Secure Personalization systems, for credit/debit, e-purse and loyalty applications. Products include the HSMs, SRMs, P3 Software/EMV Data Generation
  • E-Security
    Solutions that secure the exchange of value–bearing transactions between businesses and governments. Products include WebSentry, WebPin and Token Challenge Systems
  • Network Security
    Solutions for Wide Area Networks including Leased Lines, X.25, Frame Relay and IP networks. Trusted VPN solution. Main line product: DC2K Datacryptor


Hypercom Network Systems
Subsidiary of Hypercom Corporation, USA.
Provide solutions for multiprotocol, multimedia Integrated Access Devices for mission-critical Information Networks handling legacy and customised protocols.
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  • Foundation
    The IEN foundation building block, with passive backplane technology, dedicated port processor supporting protocol application
  • Framework
    Modular software architecture supplementing the parallel processing hardware resulting in a flexible powerful framework for WAN deployment
  • Full Coverage Network Management
    IENView GUI-based monitoring, control and diagnostic tool offering a complete NMS package solution
  • Target Markets
    Mission critical networks for Gaming Industries, Manufacturing,Financial and Corporate


Netegrity Inc, USA
An Access and Identity Management Solutions company that delivers a single, secure and personalised point of entry into the enterprise Web-based services.
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  • Siteminder
    Access Control and Web Services. Market leader product with authentication, authorisation and auditing for Web-based applications
  • IdentityMinder
    With user and role management, business process management, password management and self-registration. IdentityMinder is integrated with SiteMinder to provide role-based access for applications
  • TransactionMinder
    A product to secure XML documents and messages for web services transaction


Our Business Partness:

VCOMMS Limited, (previously Digitech Ltd, New Zealand)
VCOMMS develop innovative and custom Data Communications solutions in the three main areas.
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  • Microlink Voice and Data Multiplexers
    Time division multiplexing to aggregate voice and data services over leased line and power line carrier systems
  • Financial Transaction Adapters
    Connecting legacy ATM and EFTPOS terminals over IP Networks via, ISDN, ADSL or wireless GPRS. A unique migration path for legacy analogue networks to digital and wireless
  • Data Networking
    Provide interconnectivity and diversity solutions for data network


Telsoft International Limited, New Zealand
Telsoft provides a range of products for managing and monitoring network activity. Since 1992, they have been working with major telecommunications providers in New Zealand, Asia and Europe to create business oriented network management applications. Key Products available in modular forms are:
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  • CDRViewer
  • Service Performance Management
  • Eyenet Fraud Detection
  • Planet IP Usage
  • Telsoft Case Manager(TCM)
  • Flexiss Inter-Carrier Settlements


Eastern Research Inc, USA
Eastern Research acquired VIR Inc and provides a range of Multi-Network Access Concentrators, Test Line Systems and Tech-Control products for service providers and corporate end-users.
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