Company's Profile

GiAT InformationTechnology Sdn Bhd is a Reseller in the IT Industry providing Products and Solutions for the following sectors of the IT Industry:

  • Information and Network Security for Banking and Finance
  • Multi-protocol, Multimedia Networking Solutions providing High Availability WAN Backbones for Mission Critical Networks
  • Web Access Management Solutions with Identity and Relationship Management components
  • Traditional Data Communications and Networking

In addition, we work as Business Partners with international companies providing unique solutions in:

  • IP based networks for traditional ATM and EFTPOS networks using digital or wireless access methods
  • Network management applications for Telecommunications Operators for managing and monitoring network activity
  • Tech-Control Products, Multiservice Access Concentrators and Test Line Systems

Technical Support Services are an integral part of our commitment to our customer base, comprising the following sectors:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Gaming Infrastructure for Operators
  • Corporate
  • Service Providers and Telecommunications Operators

We operate a well-equipped service centre staffed by experienced professionals to provide engineering services, such as hardware repairs, software support services, product installation and maintenance contracts.


Tel: 603-7958 7205/6 Fax: 603-7958 7207
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